The Intensive English Program is a 16-hour per week course designed to help students build confidence and achieve fluency and accuracy in English in preparation for further study in undergraduate and graduate level programs in English or for professional use in the United States or abroad. Classes are offered from Monday to Thursday in the mornings and evenings. The English Program is divided in 5 levels.

INVEST LESS THAN U$150 PER (week / 12 hours)

One Level

4 months / 16 weeks

Pay $2,040 or 4 Payments of U$585

Registration Fee $150

Two Levels

8 months / 32 weeks

Pay $4,080 or 4 Payments U$ 1,170

Registration Fee $150

Three Levels

12 months / 48 weeks

Pay $6,120 or 4 Payments of U$ 1,755

Registration Fee $150